The asphalt pavement of the formula one race track in Sau Paulo was renewed. After rain and wet wether coditions, oil came out of the asphalt. A german company got the contract to solve this problem. The german company have sent an ARC 1000.  Lorenz-Technology CO., Ltd. supported the project technically and helped to clean (wash with 1400 bar) the racetrack. 


The formula one racetrack in Sao Paulo


Sart to clean/wash the asphalt


The starting line


Cleaned the eight round with the ARC 1000


The different color of the asphalt


The curves must be very clean


The pit stop

about 92.000 m² where to clean



Almost finished


After finished the safety car made some test runs on the new and clean race track



Please see the Test Protocol of the friction. It is in portuguese language. The diagrams starts by page 11. Black, red, orange and yellow are bad conditions.  Green, blue and dark blue are good conditions. They made 3 test runs before and after cleaning. Please see the different