India : change the steering

The sweeper manufacturer Brock-Kehrtechnik GmbH from Germany delivered two sweeper with the wrong side of steering to India. The indian Custom didn't allow to imported the sweeper. Lorenz-Technology CO., Ltd. managed together with the indian supplier from Brock-Kehrtechnik GmbH to import the sweeper.  Lorenz-Technology CO., Ltd. changed the steering, the dashboard with all the electric instruments and cabling, clutch, brake and gas pedal, steering gear and move all to the right side. It needed 2 weeks. We have done it in Delhi. After finished the work, the trucks were imported and registrated in India. Today the sweeper are on the road and work for a cleaner Delhi.



Remove the complete Interior from the cabin


And change from the left to the right side



The same with the hydraulic-, pneumatic-, water- and electric system. All change to the other side



Change brake, clutch, sweeper equipment ........



At the end to change left hand drive to right hand drive


The driver is happy


The happy end. The streets are clean